16 April 2016

Google Panda 4.2 Update

I Rember Google says a Panda refresh began this weekend but will take months to  fully roll out.

After a waiting time 10 month Google announced it Panda 4.2 update. As per Panda known for quality and unique content, so if you fail in quality content during last 10 month and have English site you can get in trouble. This Google Panda 4.2 update can impact on 2% to 3% of English language queries.

The very few webmasters who noticed this Google update on this weekend. This happen because of this Panda update is rolling out very slowly.
Google Panda Update 4.2, July 18, 2015 (2% to 3% of queries were affected; confirmed, announced)
Read More:- goo.gl/73nl0E


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