18 April 2016

What is bounce rate in Google analytics?

Well, there are many articles are available on web, all share their own thoughts and experience about bounce rate. Typically all blogger says it is depends on depth of a pages, and it is true.

These all are really confusing as I think. I am not a big analyzer I am just from those 40% of SEO’s who simply have 6 to 7 year of experience and working in any company and try to learn every day. I cannot challenge anyone, I just share my own experience and opinion.
Ok, then what is bounce rate? Percentage of single-page visits”

Let’s explain it, when a visitor visit any page of your website and close tab on same page or type any other URL in same tab.

Visit second page it is 0% bounce rate.

Here one more thought that I read on web is entrance page and going page. If the entrance page and going page are same for a visitor it gives 100% bounce rate. On “home page”; then entrance page and going page are same but bounce rate is 0%. So according to me it create confusion.

Then now, if visitor not visit second page from their first page it is bounce.

Bounce rate if you get 80% to 100%

Bad bounce rate if you get 55% to 80%

Average bounce rate if you get 40% to 55%

Good bounce rate if you get 26% to 40%

Very Good bounce rate if you get 0% to25%

           Bounce rate is important and also not important for a website it depends on conditions, if you have only one page website that bounce rate no matter because you get 100% bounce rate. But you have a service or product selling website then it is important to care bounce rate, in this case if your bounce rate is high it mean user not take interest in your site.

Sometime Google not track all data and it return falls result. But i cannot blame on Google, that Google is wrong. The data Google shows is as accurate that we can take action on basis of Google analysis and get success.   

If you get high bounce rate then you need improve on given point.

Landing pages not relevant to visitors

Page load time is too high

Summary: - bounce rate under 20%. But about 35% of bounce rate is ok, but 55% is worried. and above 60% is...... i think you know batter.


  1. Thanks, I stumbled upon this post while searching a good way to reduce my bounce rate. My Bangla Song Download site have good onpage and decent offpage seo, even so I was wondering why I have so high (50-60%) bounce rate, Reading this article, I have got an idea that some interactive and interesting video will help reducing it.

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  3. ctually I didn't know about bounce rate. I heard it many times but don't know the actual meaning of bounce rate. But now, all thing is cleared about bounce rate.
    A website http://gateway.edu.in/?p=1163 bounce rate is 62%. I think is bad bounce rate according to your list.
    Thanks for sharing this article